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The Thrive Manifesto

I’m Patrick Stiles… And I’ve always wanted to be as healthy as possible…

There is simply no greater asset than your health.

And really, I hope you agree and want to live a long, healthy life.

So, it started with a simple question…

What can you do, right now, to be as healthy as possible?

When I started asking this question a decade ago… Doctors scoffed and so called “experts” scratched their heads.

I was told things like…

But I wanted to stay that way. And the tests — could and should work that way.

After realizing how clueless most doctors are, and how full of BS the mainstream experts are — I simply didn’t want to risk my health… Or my life… On their ignorance, greed or laziness.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of bad, confusing and conflicting information out there in the world of health.

Thanks to entrenched interests. Bureaucratic politics. Corporate greed. And plain old ignorance.

We have brainwashed doctors who just want to avoid lawsuits. Greedy gurus who are selling a different fad, diet or book year after year. Drug companies who are most interested in only treating symptoms. And billions of dollars spent lobbying our government…

It is no wonder why there aren’t advances in healthcare, like we see in technology.

And that is depressing for humanity.

Or it is no wonder why the USA consistently has one of the worst AND most expensive healthcare systems in the developed world.

After Several Health Scares I Decided To Go Looking For My Own Answers

Since then, I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on my health and researching the answers to these questions.

And what I’ve found out is you really can have it all. Health and happiness. And you don’t have to be a billionaire to achieve it.

Today I’ve formally organized this passion into an organization.

Introducing The Thrive Science Institute

Thrive Science is a new kind of health company modeled as a social enterprise to help as many people as possible achieve the best health of their lives.

Thrive Science has the goal to become your complete destination for you to be as healthy as possible.

Thrive Science is focused on cutting through the confusion and misinformation out there in the world of health. So you can get simple, powerful answers to your health concerns.

Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge scientific research so you can experience the best health and happiness of your life.

We believe:

So… if you’ve ever wanted to be as healthy as possible. To truly feel amazing. With more energy, better sleep, cognition, and straight answers on complex topics…

… Welcome home to your tribe.

The Thrive Tribe.

Sincerely yours,
Patrick Stiles
Chief Thriver

100% Money-Back Guarantee

“Vibrant Health — 100% Money Back Guarantee”

If the Thrive Detox System doesn’t make you feel absolutely amazing and can tell a noticeable difference in your body’s overall health

Then you’re entitled to all of your money back any time within 90 days.

This can be for absolutely any reason – or no reason at all.

Even if the system is opened, used or completely empty. This is with no forms, no questions or any other hassle. :)

Patrick Stiles
Thrive Science — Founder

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There is no way to tell if Thrive Science's products will be effective for you, until you try them. Since it is impossible to promise a desired result for all people, we can't guarantee results, but we will happily guarantee your satisfaction. Please see our refunds/exchange policy.

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Do you have questions about Thrive Science or any of our products? Are you wondering if the supplements will work for you? Send us an email! You can contact us at [email protected]. We will go over the ingredients, research, customer feedback and any other supplements you may have tried in the past. Just email [email protected], and we'll be happy to help you out.

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