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Toxins in Organic Foods

Toxins in Organic Foods

Organic foods have become incredibly popular in the last few years.

They offer to give you the most nutrients, the most natural source of foods, the least amount of chemicals and hormones, the best treatment of animals involved in the process… and all this while harming the planet as little as possible.

Sales in the organic foods market have spiked to over $30 billion a year in the past decade.1

A study by the Food Policy Journal revealed the willingness of people to pay more for organic foods.2

However, what you should ask yourself is if you’re actually buying organic because you know it’s 100% healthy, or because you have been told it is.

Many foods contain toxins as a naturally-occurring constituent3, and you’ll still be letting them inside your body, whether you’re consuming organic or not.

Raw manure used in organic farming can contaminate crops with pathogens like Escherichia coli (E. coli), shigella and salmonella, according to Mike Doyle, a microbiologist and director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia.

Once in the soil, they can transfer to the plants or the water used to irrigate the crops. Or they can even get into the plants themselves.

Karl Matthews and his team at Rutgers University, US, showed how E. coli could transfer from manure and contaminated water into the inner tissues of organic lettuces. The bacteria passed through the roots and entered into the plant.4

Even worse, organic farmers tend not to use any fungicides once the harvested crop is stored, which would give safe ground for mycotoxins – toxic chemicals produced by fungi – to survive.

And something else you’d have to keep in mind is nature’s way to defend itself. Plants produce natural toxins called secondary phenolic metabolites to protect themselves against attacks by pests.

Phenolics are produced at a very low level, but could still impact your health – some have potential mutagenic, carcinogenic and phototoxic effects.

Of course, conventional farming also has a lot of drawbacks, and it’s far more concerning health-wise and ecology-wise than organic produce. But, still, you have to be aware of how difficult it is nowadays to leave toxins off your plate.

So let’s agree on something: consuming organic foods is always the best option when we’re living in a world full of food companies without social responsibility or ethics.

But, sadly, due to how overloaded the environment is, toxins still reach those “healthier” places – and you need a way to feel safe, to make sure your body is protected against external toxins getting into your body through what you eat.

Make sure you're giving your body the necessary amounts of Detox Fuel, Detox Extractors and Tox Cleansers for it to keep it healthy, glowing and thriving.


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